The Grow Your Best Ever Tomatoes Club


Hello fellow Tomato growers You know I’m passionate about tomatoes and I want to share my passion and knowledge with you, To help you grow the best Tomato crops you have ever grown, I wanted to find a way of helping you whilst using my time wisely and also giving you great value for money. On reflection the best way to do this would be to offer you a Membership Club Subscription,  I can then tailor that more to everyones individual needs.

So who is this club for? Anyone can join the club if they wish But its aimed primarily at those who struggle to grow tomatoes successfully or who are new to growing tomatoes and want extra help and advice along the way.

Therfore the club will be the go to place to get all the help and support you need. There will be a closed group on facebook for the club where i will post lots of information, growing guides, videos on every step of the growing process, Hints and Tips, Facebook lives during the growing season that will show you exactly what to do, Q&A sessions and more If your not on facebook thats not a problem everything from the facebook page will also be posted on the Members only page of the new website.

As well as all the info on the members page and facebook you will have free access to my course Terrific Tomatoes From Seed To Harvest In 4 Easy Steps and other courses on growing in the future. Plus these features below

20% Off all orders if you pay monthly

40% Off all orders if you Pay Quarterly/Yearly

Priority Delivery/Email support

And other things i add over time

To sign up i have three options below just click on the button beside the option you choose to sign up for subscription payments

Monthly which is £5 for the first two months then £9 per month

Quarterly which £19 for the first quarter then £27 per Quarter

Yearly which is £84 for the year 6 months at £5 and 6 months at £9 giving the best value

Option 1 Monthly Subscription

£5 for the first two months then £9 per month after

Option 2 Quartly Subscription

£19 for the first quarter then £27 per quarter after that

Option 3 Yearly Subscription (best value)

£84 for the year 6 Months at £5/month and 6 Months at £9/Month