Order And Delivery Info

...Here you will find information on ordering and delivery costs , Who delivers our plants and payment methods

 We Strongly advise ordering as early as possible for 2017 as we always get extremely busy in peak season

 Postage and packing : 

During checkout please select the correct postage from the drop down menu as detailed below we reserve the right to charge extra if you have not selected the correct postage amount!

Option    Carrier Price  Comments


Royal Mail 1st Class



 Use this option for all deliveries of

Up To 5 Plants

  in a single delivery


  UKmail/Royal Mail 


  Use this option for all deliveries of

5 to 10 Plants

in a single delivery

3   UKmail/Royal Mail £6.50

Use this option for all deliveries of 

10 plants or more

in a single delivery

or if you order includes fertilisers

4   Two deliveries £9.00

Use this option for two seperate deliveries

such as March and June

5  Local Pick Up  Free  Use this option for local pick up/delivery
6 Gift Vouchers £1.00

  Use this option for Gift Vouchers by post

with card and envelope

 Ordering :

'Very important: Please ensure your postcode is correct as Royal Mail may not deliver your parcel if it is not correct. Also for UKMail we need a contact phone no in case they cannot locate your address. Please also include any instructions for leaving you parcel safe if your out We have labels on the box instructing drivers to leave safe if out and they do not need to be signed for.

Please order as early as possible if you wish to avoid any delay as we do get very very busy from April onwards right through the season If your order is urgent please say so and we will do our best to accommodate, Likewise if your order has not been delivered and you are going away please let us know so we don't send your plants out whilst your away.

Please Note : 
Delivery time is subject to plant size at time of dispatch.If we have had adverse growing conditions during crop production this may delay delivery times. 

If you have any special requirements such as you will not accept substitutes or you have specific delivery requirements please write this in the other information box during check out. This is also the place to tell us if you are a school or if the plants are a gift or that this is an order for a client etc. 

Please DO NOT write your instructions on the Paypal payment information boxes they as i wont see them I only read the instructions put in the box on my order form

Packaging :

Please Note : We use as much re-cycled packaging as possible  These methods have been tried tested and modified over a long period on average 99% + of all parcels arrive with no damage in this packaging However occasionally damage does occur if it does let us know ASAP and we will arrange for replacements to be sent.

How is your order delivered? :  

All parcels below 2kg in weight will be sent Royal Mail 1st class all orders over 2kg in weight will be sent by UKmail

Normally we pick and pack orders Mon/Tues/Wed these are they are sent Tue/Wed/Thur for delivery Wed/Thur/Fri so please it is no use contacting us on a Thur/Fri and saying oh I was hoping to have it for this weekend our last chance for any week is Wednesday for delivery that week.


If you do have any problems with ordering through the website then Please contact us for help Sorry its not possible for me to take payments over the phone, But we can help you in other ways should you experience difficulty ordering just e-mail may keithwheeler364@gmail.com

Accepted Payment : We accept all major debit and credit cards through the paypal payment gateway or cardsave
You do not need to sign up for a paypal account to pay for your goods we have it set up for you to pay by card like any normal online transaction. If your not happy to pay using this method you can pay by cheque within 7 days of purchase or If you prefer you can pay by bank transfer just ask for details. If you do pay by cheque please only make cheques payable to Keith Wheeler as anything else cannot be cashed.

PLEASE NOTE : All card payments are taken at the time of ordering we have no control over that it is the way our website hosts have their websites set up all postal payments must be made within 7 days of ordering. (see above)

Terms and conditions 

6. Shipping and Customs Duty
We now operate a very strict first come first served policy and orders will be done strictly in the order that they were received with the only deviation to that being if the plants for that order are not ready or you have spoken to us to pre-arrange an urgent delivery or date BEFORE placing your order. Orders sent through marked now or asap without having spoken to us first will just wait their place in the queue.

6.1 All orders received by us are shipped subject to availability and we do our best to ship orders as quickly as we can.However please be aware that between April and September we can get delays due to the volume of orders we receive in a short space of time.
If your order has not arrived in a timely manner please e-mail us (allowing up to 5 days for a reply) to enquire where your order is and we will do our best to speed things up for you. We reserve the right to ship products at a later date (up to 28 days after purchase) where the product ordered is not in stock at the time of purchase. Important see amendment 6.2a Below

6.2a However the 28 days only applies in order for us to be in line with the distance selling regulations. As plants are described as perishable goods and many factors can affect the growing of plants this becomes a very grey area where the legal requirements under the regulations are concerned and as such it is not known if plants are even covered under the regulations we cannot guarantee your order will be delivered within the 28 day deadline either because of factors affecting the growing of the plants causing delays or the fact we are extremely busy and it may not be possible in peak season to deliver within this time frame. And we have taken advice from Trading Standards on this.

6.3 We cannot be held responsible for disruption to shipping caused by industrial disputes or action outside our direct control. If such disruption occurs you will be offered delivery via an alternative delivery or fulfilment company or a full refund.

7. Cancellation Rights, Returns and Refunds

7.1 Under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 you have a right to cancel your purchase. However, to exercise this right you must notify us in writing, (email or letter) within 7 working days from the day of Purchase. Orders cancelled after 7 days will only be done so at our discretion and only in exceptional circumstances. 
If we have not delivered your plants within 28 days we reserve the right to re-negotiate your contract either by cancelling and offering a full refund. Offering you more suitable plants for the season or by changing the date of your delivery.

 7.2 As stated above notification of cancellation must be in writing, a telephone call is not a valid cancellation.

7.3 No right of cancellation, refund or return exists under the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 once you have used your product, unless the product is defective 

7.4 As Vegetable plants are perishable we do not accept returns of the goods as twice in the post renders them useless .If the plants are not suitable or are damaged then we will either offer replacements or refunds.

7.5 All refunds will be processed as soon as possible back to the source you paid from.


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