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 I will be launching a brand new website very shortly in the meantime I have changed this to a softer template if you would like to check out the new website you can find it here


Hello And Welcome to the Tomato-Plants-Direct website you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for fantastic tasting tomatoes and something a bit different to what you can buy in the supermarket we have over 600 varieties of tomato to choose from in every shape and colour you can get in tomatoes and for all climates and situations As well as tomatoes we also have big ranges of sweet and hot peppers, aubergines, courgettes, cucumbers and basil.

I am over time going to make the new website a one stop World Hub for everything tomato so all the information and help for everything Tomato (and the other veg) you will ever need you can find in one place I am passionate about growing Tomatoes and want to help people as much as i possibly can.

I am already mentoring people in Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Uganda that are not growing for pleasure but for their livelihoods which is a humbling experience and one I take very seriously.

Tomatoes are a very healthy food and I recommend everyone grows at least one we have dwarf ones that will happily grow in pots and even types for windowsills and hanging baskets.

Health Benefits :

The blue/black types are high in Anthocyanins which is a powerful antioxidant  and research suggests benefits in many health problems possibly may even protect against some cancers , Some Orange varieties have large amounts of Beta Carotine which also has health benefits and is an antioxidant and All Red tomatoes contain Lycopene which is another powerful antioxidant





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